Skincare that is truly cruelty free!

No palm oil - No palm oil derivatives - No animal testing - No animal derived ingredients

Just the highest quality pure ingredients.

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How a kinder, healthier, greener skincare range was born

a skincare range that was truly cruelty free (i.e. containing no animal ingredients, palm oil, or palm oil derivatives, and not tested on animals), as well as being suitable for every individual, regardless of age, skin type, allergies, ethical stance, religious beliefs, or health status. After many years of development, collaborating with one of Australia's leading cosmetic chemists, Purely Vegan was born.

This cream is a godsend and I don't have to hurt the environment to use it. Thank you Purely Vegan !!

Elisabeth C.

Beautiful quality and effective product, lovely glass packaging, completely cruelty free. The rose hydrosol Face Mist is a favourite. Highly recommend!

Lee F.

Excellent range of products which leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and enriched. My personal favourite is the night cream, a must try.

Daniel F.


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