Ingredients & Packaging


Purely Vegan uses the highest quality, natural ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for its specific therapeutic benefits and scent. The 'chemical sounding' items in our ingredients list are derived from coconut, rapeseed, cellulose, corn, guar, or soy. Purely Vegan does not use GMO derived ingredients.

In some of our products it is necessary to use two nature-identical synthetic preservatives (Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin). This improves the shelf life, ensures the products are more stable and, most importantly, makes them safer to use.

Low Allergenic Profile

All Purely Vegan products have a very low allergenic profile. They are safe for most skin conditions, allergies, and food intolerances. We have also chosen ingredients that are safe in pregnancy. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest performing a test patch before using any product.

Truly Cruelty Free

Purely Vegan products are tested only on people. They contain no palm oil or palm oil derivatives. They're manufactured in a cosmetic chemist laboratory with a strict 'no animal testing' policy. When using Purely Vegan products, you can be assured you're using a truly cruelty-free skincare range that has been manufactured in a safe environment.


Purely Vegan skin care bottles are made from MIRON Violettglas, a superior quality glass which provides optimal protection for natural ingredients, ensuring our products stay fresher for longer. Making them safer for you to use and enjoy.

Where possible, all advertising material and packaging is made with up-cycled, recycled, or recyclable materials.

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