Our Story


Purely Vegan co-founder, Candace Borg, is a vegan Naturopath and nutrition and fertility educator...

Candace also Northcote Natural Therapies, a retail store which sells natural vegan haircare, skincare, essential oils, baby needs, and gifts.

While researching the natural skincare industry in search of suppliers, Candace found elements within each brand that were not ideal. She decided to try to create a skincare range that was truly cruelty free (i.e. containing no animal ingredients, palm oil, or palm oil derivatives, and not tested on animals), as well as being suitable for every individual, regardless of age, skin type, allergies, ethical stance, religious beliefs, or health status.

After many years of development, collaborating with one of Australia's leading cosmetic chemists, Purely Vegan was born.

Each product is designed to therapeutically repair, hydrate, and soothe the skin, while also enhancing one's desired mood: for example, Purely Vegan's Day Cream contains bergamot and geranium to uplift the senses and help start the day, while the Night Cream's gentle blend of ylang ylang and patchouli creates a calming aura to improve the quality of sleep.

Proudly Supporting

Purely Vegan are thrilled to be affiliated with Animal Liberation Victoria and Vegan Easy. These two organisations work courageously and tirelessly to educate people about the plight of farmed animals, and how we can easily adjust our lifestyles to be kinder, healthier, and greener.

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